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What does Maca taste like?

Our Royal Maca™ Root Extract Powder has a distinctive, wholesome, good taste-- malty and nutty at the same time. Since it is Certified Organic in its growing, allowed to sun-dry for two months in the traditional way, maturing all of its natural sugars. Its processing, which is also Certified Organic, involves preparing a water based-extract, thereby making the alkaloids of the root more bioavailable, and which retains the entire root which is especially high in bioavailable minerals and trace minerals, because it has been grown organically in mineral-rich soil, and watered by mineral-rich mountain water, as well as rain. You will never get a chemical aftertaste with Royal Maca™ nor will you ever taste any fillers or additives.

The richness and fullness of the flavor and the potency of the herb which is 
fast-acting results from the fact that the soil on which the Royal Maca roots are grown is packed with nutrients, allowed to dry in the sun for two months, and the fact that only the finest fleshy roots are selected for processing (about 20% of the crop, which contains skinny fibrous roots, is rejected). The Royal Maca™ powder which we prepare for bottling and encapsulation is never subjected to irradiation or gassing. We guarantee the cleanliness of our Royal Maca products by a proprietary method of cleaning which is totally pure and which is Certified Organic.

How To Prepare the Royal Maca™ Extract Powder

You can add hot water and make a tea out of it (even add milk and honey if you like). Or you can sprinkle it on cereal, hot or cold, or you can put it into your smoothie of any type. It can be mixed with apple juice, cranberry or pineapple juice (these are the best) in a blender for a few seconds. The Royal Maca powder can also be added to salad dressing and put on your salad. It has a cheesey flavor if you prepare it this way. Or mix it with soup, bake cookies with it, etc. etc.

Cats Claw and Breakstone Teas

The teas are best alternated on either a weekly basis or a two-weekly basis and should be discontinued after using for a couple of months (total) to give the body a rest. Then after a one-two months rest, it may be started again. If you run into difficulty with stomach or intestinal problems, you can resume the Royal Cat's Claw Tea early but hold off with the Royal Breakstone--unless you have kidney or gall stones that still haven't passed. I hope this is helpful. Basically what you should do is listen to your own body in deciding whether to continue or discontinue with an herb--and even how much to take. Both of these teas are very non-toxic so you can't really "overdose" but being sensitive to your best dosage is a really individual thing.

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