Our Mission

  • to be a positive force for environmental protection of both the native habitats and the communities of native peoples extending from the rainforests to mountain communities situated at the highest altitudes on the earth by providing a market for organic cultivated herbs and wildcrafted herbs and through offering economic assistance to native/local herb growers.
  • to buy medicinal plants directly from the local/native people who grow or collect them whenever possible and to practice fair trade with them.
  • to serve people who have been disconnected from the land and its healing plants by making available the purest, most potent, organic and wildcrafted herbs, grown and used by people with strong roots in their native soil and culture.
  • to provide knowledge about these powerful medicinal herbs to people around the world, including traditional usage, testimonials, and summaries of published research articles in peer-reviewed scientific research journals.
  • to support the growing community around the world of people who have embraced a new holistic paradigm for health care that includes taking personal responsibility for a healthy lifestyle, including the a healthy diet based on organic foods, exercise, the judicious and knowledge use of medicinal herbs to maintain health, and practicing the awareness of the connection of the individual's spiritual life force with the all-pervasive life force in the universe.