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Will Royal Maca Feed My Uterine Fibroid Tumor and Make it Larger?

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In our 15 years of experience at Whole World Botanicals with supplying the finest quality of maca root powder and capsules to our customers in the U.S., we have never had a customer report that Royal Maca had made her fibroids grow larger.  On the contrary, we often receive reports that the fibroids have shrunk or disappeared completely.  So yes, it should be safe for you to take.  It is always important to follow the directions for finding your correct dosage.   If you take too much Maca, undesirable side effects might show up.  Start small and increase your dosage every 5 days until your symptoms are 80% better.

I will also add that it is important you be followed by your health care practitioner, who can keep an eye on those fibroids and whom you can call with your questions and concerns.

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  1. I am currently taking Lupion shots will Maca help combat my hot flashes?

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