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Q: Why does menopause make my brain so foggy?

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A: Menopause is characterized by a sharply dropping level of circulating estrogen in the body.  The brain, like many other organs in the body, has estrogen receptors attached to it which must be properly filled with estrogen for the brain to function in an optimal fashion.  Low estrogen level is associated with a lower cognitive level in women.royalmacas

Fortunately, there is a natural solution to brain fog in the form of Royal Maca, the only certified organic, bioenergetically grown, sun-dried, pre-cooked, fair traded maca root on the market.   Maca grows at the top of the world, at 14,000 feet above sea level where it is so cold that it takes a full nine months for the root to mature.  It has been used by Andean women for thousands of years for hormonal balance, as well as energy and vitality, from the teen years through the elder years.  Whole World Botanicals offers a variety of premium quality Royal Maca products, for men as well as women, and top customer service.

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