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Q: Why can’t women take Royal Maca® if they are on birth control pills?

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A: Many, many women call Whole World Botanicals or write to me wanting a good explanation as to why WWB advises against combining Royal Maca® with birth control pills.  That’s because, let’s face it, the birth control pill is the only really reliable and stress-free method of contraception (overlooking the fact that any woman who uses this form of contraception for 5 years or more –10 years is a much greater risk– is facing greater statistical odds of getting breast or uterine cancer or a stroke).
royalmacasSo here is what I tell these women.  There is so little known about combining this hormone-balancing botanical (Royal Maca) with estrogen-progestin drugs that you are turning yourself into a guinea pig if you start taking both together.
I know one woman, aged 49, who is still using birth control pills because she doesn’t want to get pregnant and when she stops the pills, she still has a regular period.  She started using Royal Maca with her birth control pills, despite WWB’s warning.  Why?  Because she regularly suffered from breakthrough bleeding if she was even 2 or 3 hours late in taking her nightly pill.  Once she started taking Royal Maca, she no longer had the breakthrough bleeding.

I know of a young lady, aged 16, whose mother encouraged her daughter to get off of the birth control pills (which she was taking because of her terrible suffering every month from menstrual cramps).  Her mother was concerned about her daughter’s long term health risks in taking the pill.  One day after she stopped her b.c. pills, she began taking the Royal Maca® and suffered nausea—and even vomiting.  Maca root and any form of estrogen is just not a good combination for the great majority of women.  And it takes a full month for the estrogen drug to leave your body completely.

Then there is perhaps a risk for getting pregnant if you combine birth control pills with maca root.  I say, perhaps, because there may NOT be a risk.  I just don’t have that information.  I suspect that most gynecologists don’t have that information either.  Do you want to possibly be at risk to get pregnant by combining this botanical with your b.c. drug?  Then if you DID get pregnant, what would the combined effects of your supplemental estrogen plus maca root be on your unborn child?

I think by now you get my point!  I am so sorry to have to deliver this news, but that’s the way it is.  Rhythm method, anyone???

Copyright 2009© by Viana Muller

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