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Q: Is it safe for men who have had prostate cancer to take Royal Maca?

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A:This is a frequently asked question.  Most men have a treatment for prostate cancer which involves blocking the testosterone produced by a man’s body from reaching the testosterone receptors in his body.  The reason for this is that researchers have discovered that the presence of testosterone helps the cancer cells reproduce.  Eventually, the testosterone-blocking drug is withdrawn and a man’s body is allowed to resume its normal hormonal functioning.royalmacas

Since maca root enhances libido and supports sexual function, according the scientific research, many men assume that maca root raises the testosterone level in a man’s body.  Actually, studies show that this is not the case, at least in men who have normal testosterone levels.  Maca root promotes healthy sexual function in another way that is not fully understood.  Any man who has had prostate cancer should consult his physician before using Royal Maca, but it would be very helpful for the doctor to see the scientific research which shows that maca does not raise a man’s testosterone level if it is already in the normal range.

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2 Responses to “Q: Is it safe for men who have had prostate cancer to take Royal Maca?”

  1. I read your article on DIM. I used to get great results from Indole years ago. Nowadays, I cant seem to find it anymore.

    I would like to purchase your product for men containing DIM. Which one has the DIM. I want to produce free testosterone.

  2. I am not surprised that you can’t find the Indole 3 Carbinole any more. It only has a 12 month shelf life and that makes it very hard to sell to stores. DIM has a 24 month shelf life. We have a product called Super Royal Maca for Men with DIM. It also contains chelated zinc. Maca Root helps reduce DHT (dehydrotestosterone) and also helps increase the number of testosterone receptors in the body.

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