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Q: Does Royal Maca help increase sex drive in a perimenopausal woman?

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I am in perimenopause and for the last year my libido has dramatically declined. I asked my doctor what to do and she suggested DHEA – which I tried, but it made my face break out. She then suggested I take testosterone but warned me that it might also make her face break out. Will Royal Maca really help with my issue?

A: Loss of libido is a very common problem in perimenopause and in menopause and precursor hormones are often not very effective, and if they are, there is often the problem of pimples. Testosterone supplementation, as your doctor warned you, may also cause skin eruptions in some women. Royal Maca gets rave reviews from our customers for helping restore libido. One woman recently wrote to me, saying: “Royal Maca saved my marriage,” because it brought back her desire for her husband. Maca is a cruciferous root vegetable which should only be eaten cooked. Royal Maca is certified organic, sundried and cooked—all necessary elements for a highly effective, premium quality product. It is also very cost effective because it is so concentrated that only a tiny amount is necessary and even a small bottle goes a long way.

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