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MACA MYTH Native Peruvians eat Raw Maca – FALSE!

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Some companies make up pretty marketing stories which are absolutely false.  One company spreads the story that native Peruvians walk for miles to travel from home to the nearest town and when they get hungry or feel weak or tired, they pull a raw dried maca root out of their pocket and gnaw on it to get some strength.  Total fabrication out of the mind of the marketer!!!

Native Peruvians never eat raw maca. In fact according to a scientific study consuming raw maca is worse than not consuming maca at all (Click here to see the scientific study.) All scientific studies use cooked/extract Maca root and with good reason: raw maca has enzymes that inhibit digestion and assimilation.

Traditionally native Peruvians use cooked maca for hormonal support, sexual function, stamina and energy.

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