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Is it a good idea to take Royal Maca and Wild Yam Cream at the same time?

Royal Maca All

What affect would Maca Root would have on the natural compound cream (yams derivative) progesterone?  Can you tell me if they will conflict with each other or cause side effects (adverse reactions) taking them both at the same time?  Thank you, E.M. – Colorado

Dear E.M,.
In our experience, there is no need to take progesterone cream if you are taking Royal Maca.  Our product is generally able to help your body nicely balance your hormones.  Women with estrogen-dominant conditions usually see them clear up in a few months—if not sooner.  However, if you want to use Royal Maca and your wild yam cream together, it will probably be fine to do so.  Once in a while there may be a problem –feeling a little down or a little heavy — but usually that’s not the case.  So feel free to make your own decision on this.
Viana Muller, Ph.D., Co-founder,
Whole World Botanicals

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