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Combining Royal Maca with Estriol Suppository and Adrenal Support Glandular

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Q: I have read that Royal Maca should not be taken with HRT.  Is it O.K. to take it with an estriol vaginal suppository and with a glandular supplement to support my adrenal glands?royalmacas

A: Royal Maca should not be taken together with an estriol suppository.  The estriol has more than local effects and could be overstiumlating.

As for the glandular adrenal support, the answer is probably “no.”  But it’s not so clear cut.  What we have learned is that usually Royal Maca does not combine well with DHEA.  Since maca root supports the adrenal glands, it probably doesn’t add anything to take the adrenal product.  And it might be counterproductive in the sense that there is the possibility of getting “side effects” from combining these two products.  To read more click here.

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